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By: Khor Eng Chor

R-Khor, Eng Chor-The Art of Moving Medit

The Art of Moving Meditation: Tai Chi

by Khor Eng Chor

(Boobooks Publications, 1986, 64 pages)

Review by Christopher Dow


This is one of those books that you read and wonder why the author bothered except to express his or her own interest in Tai Chi. Five pages of superficial exposition of Tai Chi’s history, philosophy, and benefits are followed by a chapter showing three limbering exercise, a section showing hand forms, and another showing basic stances.


Then it’s on to the demonstration of the form, shown in a series of photos that are less than substantial and do not adequately convey the sequence. Weirdly, the only real detail in the book is a photo of a foot with all the parts labeled, even though none of that comes up anywhere else in the book.


Not much here.

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