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Natural Patterns: Animations


Torus C-0.gif

A punctured torus in motion illustrates Tai Chi's ability to melt away from incoming energy.

A stereographic projection of a Clifford Torus in four dimensions performing a simple rotation through the x-z plane.

Torus D-0.gif


Archimedes Screw B-1.gif

An Archimedes' Screw can use circular motion to propel an object along the axis of rotation, either forward or backward.

Archimedean Spiral B-0.gif

A scroll compressor is used to compress gases.


Watt's Curve C-0.gif
Watt's Curve A-0.gif
Watt's Curve B-0.gif

Three forms of Watt's Curve

Watts Linkage-0.gif

Watt's Linkage shows how linear force can be generated and dissipated by an S-curve.

Trammel of Archimedes A-0.gif
Trammel of Archimedes B-0.gif

The Trammel of Archimedes, also called the Kentucky Do-Nothing, perfectly illustrates how two linked linear forces can produce not only an ellipsis but can be used to fling an object to some distance or pull it inward.

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