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By Christopher Dow


What is chi kung?

The words translate as “mastery of chi.” Taken at surface value, chi kung can be called exercise, though it is not exercise of the sort generally found at a health club or spa. In fact, it is a considerably healthier occupation than much of the body punishment that passes for a healthy workout in some of these establishments. As a form of conditioning, chi kung is exactly the opposite of what Westerners usually think of as exercise.


Alchemy of Breath provides an overview of the history and development of this movement art that enhances inner strength and power while helping keep the body toned and feeling alive.

(PDF: 55 pages, illustrated, formatted for looseleaf binding)


Alchemy of Breath-Cover.jpg

Taijitu Posters

The taijitu, also called the tai chi symbol, is one of the most recognizable images on the planet. It depicts the major forces of opposition and cooperation that underlie the functioning of reality. We are pleased to offer free downloads of this incredible image in both its single and doubled form. The posters are 24"x 24" and can be printed at copy centers and office supply outlets. (PDF: 1 page each. PDF might need to be converted to jpeg for printing at an office supply store.)



Massage your feet, improve your life! Free reflexology chart shows you where your pain begins and ends. (PDF: 1 page)


Reflexology Chart.jpg

The perfect bumper sticker to express your love of life. Comes two up. Just download, print on 8.5"x11" label paper, coat with acrylic spray, and trim with scissors. Give them to your friends and family.

(PDF: 1 page)


Thank You for Being.jpg


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