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Phosphene Publishing Company is a micro-publisher of fiction (short and book-length), poetry, drama, miscellaneous non-fiction, and essays and articles on a variety of topics, with a focus on the martial arts, the paranormal, Texana, film, and literature, along with general-interest subjects.

Submission Guidelines for Phosphene Publishing Company, Phosphene MagazineTaijitu Magazine, and Texas Trails


Phosphene accepts submissions in long and short formats on any of the topics named above, but remember that, as a micro-publisher, Phosphene has limited resources and cannot generally engage in publicity campaigns for book-length projects.

Book-length Publications

There is no limit to manuscript length, but keep it reasonable. Query with a brief bio, the first chapter and any other two chapters of your choice, and a summary of the subject for non-fiction or of the plot for fiction. We'll respond within a few weeks.

Phosphene does not offer an advance on book-length publications.

Phosphene pays a 20% royalty on net receipts, payable after the end of the month following the sales to which the royalties apply. These terms apply to both new and previously published work to which the writer has sole rights.


Either Phosphene or the author may discontinue a title at any time; however, in either case, Phosphene retains the right to continue to publish the book until Phosphene’s total share of the net receipts equals $1,000, unless other arrangements are made in writing.


The author retains all other rights to and ownership of his or her work.

Phosphene retains all rights to and ownership of any materials it creates to produce the book in printed or e-book form, including 1) computer files created by word processing, graphic  design, photographic, or other software, 2) cover and website blurbs and any other written material authored for the book by Phosphene editors, 3) original art or photographs used in creating the cover (unless other arrangements are made in writing), and 4) Phosphene Publishing Co. webpages regarding the book.

Articles, Essays, Poetry, and Other Short Works


Phosphene welcomes submissions of shorter works on the topics listed above for Phosphene Magazine, Taijitu Magazine, or Texas Trails.

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